Nicole Coffineau

is an art historian and critic. Her historical work focuses upon Italian and French photography, modernism, collection and archive theories, and theories of the avant-garde. Nicole's dissertation, Motion in Stillness: Photography and Philosophy in the Italian Avant-Garde, considers the history of photography in Italy before the first World War, and relations amongst collecting practices, social thought, technology, nationalism, and the artistic avant-garde. One of its arguments is that the polemics which were foundational to the formation of Italian Futurism initiated, in part, in media-theory debates that emerged in scientific, occult, and other social and official photography, in Italian and French contexts after 1860.

Nicole's critical and curatorial practices focus upon photography, portraiture, identity, coevality, theories and histories of contemporary art, and intersections amongst art, politics, and activism. She currently lives in LA with her girlfriend and is a PhD Candidate (ABD) in the History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh.