The Exhibition

Sit Still: photography, portraits, and doubling,  January 15 to February 14, 2016

curated by: Nicole Coffineau, Revision Space Gallery,* Pittsburgh

Sit Still is an exhibition of contemporary photography that explores portraiture's current engagement with problems of identity. Through tactics of doubling, splitting, and masking, these artworks complicate concepts of singularity and relationality, and undermine the stability of representation and likeness. As an art-critical exhibition, Sit Still makes the assertion that doubles, multiples, and repetition are viable frameworks within contemporary art for advancing our understanding of photography’s relationships with identity in the current era.  


Zhiwan Cheung

Sally Dennison

Sean Fader

Nabiha Khan

Senalka McDonald

Darren Lee Miller

Mat Thorne

Stacey Tyrell

This exhibition was produced with the support of the HAA department at the University of Pittsburgh, in association with its "Identity" constellation program. Special Thanks to Cindy Lisica, Josh Ellenbogen, Terry Smith, Kirk Savage, Olivia Izzo, Allison McCann, and Jake McCauley.

*now Cindy Lisica Gallery, Houston